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By Liz Pollard | May 21st 2024

In summer, with blue skies and the mountains bedecked with wildflowers, Chamonix becomes a wonderful adventure playground for children. There is quite literally a mountain of activities there for the taking!!  Here are just a fe » Read More


By Liz Pollard | Aug 4th 2023

There is nothing better than dining outside to get the best of the views and the true ambience of Chamonix, and especially in the summer months.  Here are some of our favourite restaurants and cafés, with a price range to suit everyone » Read More


By Liz Pollard | May 4th 2023

Where to Ski in Chamonix - Experienced and Advanced Skiers. Chamonix is arguably one of the best ski resorts in the world for experienced and advanced skiers.  Les Grands Montets ski area in particular offers some challenging black r » Read More


By Liz Pollard | Feb 27th 2023

Where to ski in Chamonix – starting with beginners.... Chamonix is renowned for its vast skiing areas all along the valley from Le Tour to Brevent, not forgetting Les Houches just a few minutes further down the road.  You » Read More


By Liz Pollard | Apr 22nd 2022

It's nearing the end of April, the ski lifts are still open and there is some good spring snow to be had up at Les Grands Montets, but down in the valley the white has been replaced by green, flowers are appearing, and Spring is taking hold. & » Read More


By Liz Pollard | Nov 29th 2021

All you need to know about free ski lessons in Chamonix, the Pass Sanitaire, Travel regulations and French COVID regulations for safe skiing in Chamonix. UPDATE 4 MARCH - FROM 14 MARCH THE PASS VACCINAL WILL NO LONGER BE REQUIRED TO BE SHO » Read More


By Kirsteen Mackenzie | Dec 11th 2020

With local lock-down officially coming to an end as of December 15th, getting out into the open alpine air is essential. Make the most of daylight hours with some organization and special expertise direct from the Collineige team below! Chamon » Read More


By Kirsteen Mackenzie | Nov 21st 2020

Jean Marie Olianti is the husband to Collineige founder Colleen, a mountain guide and a member of the Compangie des Guides. If you’ve stayed with Collineige in the past, you’ll know how much of a “family affair” r » Read More


By Camille Olianti | Nov 16th 2020

The Junction, where the Bossons and Taconnaz glaciers join and where many gems are yet to be revealed. Gem-hunting is always an adventure. In France, there is a fascinating group of fearless people who scale the Mont Blanc Massif in searc » Read More


By Kirsteen Mackenzie | Oct 21st 2020

October and November in the French Alps is always a popular time for its amazing scenery and calm atmosphere. Come early December the snow sneaks lower and lower into the valley and the scene is set for the Chamonix ski season 2020 - 2021. Escape » Read More



By Camille Olianti | Sep 21st 2020

Summer 2020 in Chamonix has truly been a fun and relaxing one! As you well know, in summer, Chamonix is an alpine wonderland of mountain trails, traditional villages and glistening glaciers. It has been a veritable playground for summer hiking, bi » Read More


By Kirsteen Mackenzie | Aug 16th 2020

In Pt.3 of our feature on the best terraces to enjoy this summer we head down the valley to discover where you can enjoy mask-free sights and worry-free meals with appropriate social distancing on yet more sunny terraces of the Chamonix Valley. » Read More



By Kirsteen Mackenzie | Aug 8th 2020

In Pt.2 of our feature on the best terraces to enjoy this summer we head up the valley for more in-depth 2020 recommendations. These terraces can be easily accessed from public transport or vehicle when staying in central Chamonix. Or, for those s » Read More


By Kirsteen Mackenzie | Jul 27th 2020

Here in Chamonix, France, you are not required to wear a mask when enjoying the outdoors, this includes open terrace areas.  So PERFECT for the many fabulous places to eat in the valley.  We have drawn up a list of our favourites below. » Read More



By Kirsteen Mackenzie | Jul 22nd 2020

The sun is shining in Chamonix and the fresh mountain air awaits! The Covid-19 pandemic may have disrupted the end of last winter’s ski season, but with slight adjustments to a packed summer schedule of events, sports and free family fun for » Read More



By Kirsteen Mackenzie | Jun 10th 2020

French deconfinement in Coronavirus green zones, such as Chamonix, has been relaxed just in time for the Summer holidays. Chalets and luxury properties throughout Chamonix are seeing a growth in European holiday bookings for 2020 as most borders a » Read More


By Kirsteen Mackenzie | Feb 20th 2020

FeBREWary: Destination beer in Chamonix It’s the last week of February and you deserve some froth to top off your ski days! As more sun reveals itself, more beers are being poured in the Chamonix valley. A tall crafty cold one may be wai » Read More


By Guest Writer | Jan 27th 2020

Following the previous blog, here are the last 10 of our 20 accolades……… #11 Chamonix is awarded the “Flocon Vert” In 2018 The FLOCON VERT Labelling Committee (Nicolas Hulot Foundation for Nat » Read More


By Guest Writer | Jan 16th 2020

The year 2020 has arrived and with it our guide to the top 20 awards and accolades for Chamonix Mont Blanc throughout the past 10 years. Too many for a single blog so you will find 10 here for starters, and another 10 will follow in the next blog. » Read More

Marathon do Mont Blanc


By Guest Writer | Dec 9th 2019

A TELECABINE FOR CHRISTMAS : From Nöel to New Year in Chamonix Mont Blanc Get ready for the best Christmas in years for Chamonix. With a brilliant snowbase, festive events and a brand new telecabine for La Flégère!   » Read More

Christmas in Chamonix


By Guest Writer | Jul 4th 2019

Joining us this July in Chamonix means a mountain of events to tackle – so let us be your mountain guide! Read on below as we go over our TOP recommendations for each week of this busy, sunny, gorgeous Chamonix month of July… Coll » Read More


By Guest Writer | Aug 29th 2017

The Ultra -Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) is an iconic route of about 170 km that passes through France, Italy and Switzerland, circumnavigating Mont Blanc with 10,000m of ascent, to be completed in 46.5 hours. Have a look at our short video here » Read More


By Guest Writer | Aug 11th 2017

Background to the Compagnie des Guides and the Fête des Guides The Alps were not always revered for their beauty as they are today, but towards the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century, during the Age of Enlighte » Read More


By Guest Writer | Jul 21st 2017

Discover the Cosmojazz Festival in Chamonix from 22 to 30 July 2017 with Collineige! We have your need-to-know planning guide on how to get to, and how to make the most of, the biggest local music event on our Summer social calendar. Born in t » Read More