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10 of Europe’s best cosy cabins for winter ~ The Guardian

By Gemma Bowes

Centuries ago, Alpine folk stored valuables and crops in little wooden huts called mazots – raised on stilts and separated from homes to keep them safe from pests and fire. Transformed into a hideaway for two is one called Brigitte’s, whose studio room contains a teeny kitchen, double bed and much love poured into the decor. Cosied up with thick woollen curtains and rugs, and L’Occitane toiletries, it is only a 10-minute walk from the bright, boozy lights of Chamonix. Its covered south-facing balcony overlooking the garden is the perfect spot for sipping vin chaud under views of Mont Blanc.
A week’s self-catering for two from €975,

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Delicious - The postcard-worthy region of France all food lovers should have visited by now

By Cassandra Charlick

Cheese, sweets, wine and nature lovers, pay attention. Chamonix might be at the top of the list for snow-flecked alpine adventures, but you’re missing half the fun if you skip the mountains in the warmer weather. Buck the trend and follow Cassandra Charlick’s lead for the ultimate food-fuelled adventure in the French Alps. There’s no shortage of opportunities to work up an appetite and ensure you return from holidays without an extra notch on the belt.

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Summer in the Alps 30 Great Holidays - Times Travel section

by Gemma Bowes
Stay in a cute converted mazot, an old outhouse used to store valuables and crops by Alpine farmers centuries ago. In Chamonix the specialist Collineige has three, including Brigitte's Mazot, which sleeps two, on the Brévent mountain side of town. While you're in Chamonix check out the new 3000sqm QC Terme public spa, with several pools, indoor and out, and go for a drink on the terrace of the new Folie Douce hotel.

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The Weekender. Country & Town House

By Emma Whitehair
With properties ranging from serviced apartments in the heart of the town to cosy, tucked-away cottages and large luxury chalets – Collineige is a specialist Chamonix only Chalet company. Set up 35 years ago, by Colleen Olianti, one of the loveliest hosts we’ve encountered, who takes ‘personal service’ to a whole new level. Actually appearing like some kind of fairy godmother – just when needed.

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Top Dog. The Sunday Times.

By Mia Aimaro Ogden
In the Alps, walks are high-altitude and the waiters have steak to spare. Mia Aimaro Ogden takes Parker, her new rescue dog, on his first holiday.

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Chamonix: Restaurants - Telegraph Ski

Foodies won’t be disappointed with the level of restaurant offerings here. Not only a good choice at all budget levels but a mix of stylishly contemporary and topnotch traditional types too.

There’s no sitting still either - for 2018/19, restaurant refurbishments have taken place at the Aiguille du Midi hotel, the Refuges des Aiglons and the Josephiné in the resort centre......

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The Long Weekend. City AM

THE WEEKEND: Hitting the mountain is often an annual affair - the same week, the same place, the same friends. While this might give you something to look forward to it’s worth remembering how easy it is to
simply grab your gear and treat yourself to a weekend adventure. If you worked on Thursday and will be back in the office on Monday, then spending Friday and Saturday on the slopes takes on a particularly indulgent quality - especially if you get the accommodation right.

WHERE? Chamonix-Mont-Blanc is just an hour’s flight from London to Geneva with a quick transfer from the airport. This is the domain of Mont Blanc, challenging runs, off-piste adventures and epic glaciers.

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The Museum of Bling. The Tribune.

By Kalpana Sunder.
Chamonix, a town of about 10,000 people, sits in an ancient glacial valley an hour’s drive south of Geneva, Switzerland. The town showcases some of Europe’s most spectacular topography — Granite ridges that loom like monsters above cobblestone streets and glaciers that flow down the flanks of mountains like silvery gowns. Crystal hunters of yore were tenacious and brave people who battled ice storms and avalanches on the high mountains in the hope of finding a precious crystal. “The crystal hunters have been scaling mountains long before climbing existed as a sport. But the idea of finding a treasure was their motive for setting out on their adventures,” explains guide Cecile Truffat, from the local tourism board.

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Chamonix: hotels and chalets. Telegraph.

By Adam Ruck.
Adventure snow sports are no longer the preserve of diehard mountain crazies, and Chamonix, like many other Alpine resorts, has joined the upgrading race, adding luxury chalets and hotels with spas and Michelin-starred restaurants.

Catered chalets
Collineige ( is the valley’s established luxury chalet specialist, with flexible catering and mountain-guiding arrangements and the best local knowledge. Holidays include airport transfers but not flights. Valhalla (sleeps 12 to 17) lives up to its name – in a peaceful and scenic position, it's within walking distance of the town centre. From £15,000 a week, catered.

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The Review - Eurostar to Chamonix & Chalet Les Tissourds

…..I was travelling to Chamonix, the toast of the European alpine pursuits clique and would be staying with Collineige, who are arguably seasoned operators. Those of our readers who ski regularly will know that every season, there seems to be more and more tour operators offering luxury ski packages. The reality of course is that a website and a phone line does not a veteran chalet operator make. You expect your chalet company to know the scene, the people, the places and of course be able to react to changes in the holiday plan. So it was good to know that Collineige was founded some 30+ years ago by Colleen and Jean Marie Olianti. Jean-Marie has been a high mountain guide for the Compagnie des Guides for over 40 years and comes from a time when the map and compass were the tools of the trade and GPS was more likely to stand for Genepi Packed Safely..... Collineige is a gourmet lovers paradise and certainly exceeded my expectations.

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Summer in Chamonix: celebration of 150 years of climbing in the Alps. City AM

By Sarah Spickernell.

Birthplace of the Winter Olympics and home to some of the Alps’most challenging pistes, the Chamonix Valley in France is a magnet for snow-sporting types throughout the winter months.
But as the warmer weather arrives and the snow disappears, so do most of the tourists, and the thousands of skiers are replaced by a trickle of mountaineering enthusiasts keen to reach the top of Mont Blanc – Europe’s highest mountain west of Russia.

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Splitboarding in Chamonix. The Sunday Times

by Sean Newsom

Sure, they’re swapping a few minutes of effortless elevation for hours of sweaty toil. And, typically, they’ll get only a few minutes of old-school boarding as a finale. But it doesn’t seem to matter. For them, up is the new down

Paul Bonthron, 37, a civil engineer from Glasgow, is one of this new breed of “splitties”. He first learnt to snowboard 10 years ago. “At first, all I wanted was to learn how to ride a piste without falling over,” he recalls. Then he went on a hike with an instructor, loved it, and wanted to do more.

The instructor pointed him in the direction of Neil McNab. A snowboard instructor who’s lived in the Chamonix valley since 1997 .....

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Moonlight and magic by Mont Blanc. The Guardian.

By Leslie Woit

Forget the beach-bums in Thailand and the hippies at Stonehenge. I'm dodging the fire-rope skipping and the bone-chilling hangover in favour of a magical moment in the mountains: skiing the Vallée Blanche by light of the full moon.

The curtain on this performance – on one of the long, illustrious off-piste Alpine descents – rises in the gods above Chamonix.

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Making Tracks in Chamonix. The Evening Standard.

Adrian Mourby catches the new Eurostar service to Geneva for a fast, relaxing and greener route to the slopes of Chamonix

I have never got off a train in Lille. Hitherto, like many Euro-travellers I’ve regarded Lille Europe as a mere hiatus between the delights of Ebbsfleet and the fleshpots of Brussels. But the brand new Eurostar service to Geneva, unveiled last Sunday, suddenly provides a good reason to disembark in that unappetising glass and concrete concourse. There is just enough time to grab an espresso, pay 50 cents for a trip to the loo and board the connecting TGV to Geneva.

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Skiing the Vallée Blanche by Moonlight. The Times.

Skiing the Vallée Blanche is special, but doing it late at night under a starry sky is mindblowing says Nick Dalton…

I’m skiing one of the great runs of the world, the 14-mile off-piste glacier delight of the Vallée Blanche, in Chamonix. And, if I say so myself, I’m making rather neat turns — I can see it from my shadow. It’s an eerie feeling as my skiing mirror image is cast by the full moon that also illuminates the snowy ridges off to either side with an understated brilliance. Skiing the Vallée Blanche may be special, but doing it late at night under a clear, starry sky is mindblowing….

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In love with the Alps: Tips for combining skiing with a romantic getaway. The Express.

WITH Valentine's Day fast approaching, we select some of Europe's most romantic ski chalets.
By: Nicola Iseard

Mazot Les Tines, Chamonix, France

This tiny cabin in Les Tines, between the resorts of Chamonix and Argentière, looks like something out of Hansel and Gretel.

On the ground floor you'll find a shower room, a little wooden kitchen and dining room, plus a lounge with floor-to-ceiling windows offering superb views of the Mont Blanc range. Scale the ladder up to the quaint bedroom and balcony.

If you can tear yourselves away, a nearby ski bus whisks you to Chamonix where competent skiers should book a guide to tackle the Vallée Blanche, the most famous off-piste descent in the Alps.

Collineige (01483 579242/ offers three nights from £640 (sleeps four), self-catering. easyJet (0843 104 5000/ offers return flights from Gatwick to Geneva from £98.

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Skiing in Chamonix: white magic in the Vallée Blanche. Sunday Telegraph

Adam Ruck offers an insider's guide to Chamonix - the best French resort for all-mountain skiing.

Years ago, I arrived in the Chamonix valley with low expectations, having bought a £99 chalet holiday from a newspaper small ad in a low resort I had never heard of. Half a lifetime later I have given up hope of exhausting its skiing, never mind the other ski areas, which are separated by the glaciers, cliffs and other awkward terrain that characterise the exciting, dangerous and beautiful capital of Alpine adventure.


Because of the spread-out nature of Chamonix, it's important to check the location of your accommodation and transport arrangements before you book. Note that many local operators are unbonded so for peace of mind, it's worth booking with a UK-based company, such as those below. Prices quoted are per week.

Collineige (01483 579242; Chamonix specialist of more than 30 years, offering b & b at two apartments and eight chalets on a self-catering basis, including Chalet les Mazots (sleeps 12-14) from £10,000, including airport transfers and chalet board.

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Treasure Huts. The Guardian

Chalet substitute … holiday in a mazot in the French Alps

Built to store valuables, some mazots in and around Chamonix, in the French Alps, have been converted into cute and cosy alternatives to larger ski chalet rentals.

Sunday clothes and paperwork, bridal chests, wedding dresses and embroidered tablecloths, documents, maps and harvest records, china, grains, seeds, cured meats, cheeses and preserves … these were the treasures those who lived in Alpine villages such as Chamonix in the early 1800s would do anything to protect.

Chamonix, as the Alps' largest town, seems to have more than most resorts and also boasts a passionate mazot converter: Colleen Olianti, who runs the Collineige ski and chalet company. She has transformed three mazots into romantic, stylish boltholes, alongside her larger chalets.

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Spend summer in the mountains - Mazot Les Tines. The Times

Mazot Les Tines Chamonix, France

Couples and those with small children will love the fairytale feel of this tiny “grandma’s house” chalet set in pretty gardens with Mont Blanc as a backdrop. The all-wooden interior includes a small sitting room with a large picture window and mezzanine sleeping area for the kids, while upstairs there’s a cosy bedroom for mum and dad. Chamonix and Argentière are on the doorstep, so there’s lots to do in summer, including country walks along the banks of the River Arve.

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Spend summer in the mountains - Villa Terrier. The Times

Villa Terrier Chamonix, France

While most chalets offer wood with everything, Villa Terrier, minutes from the centre of Chamonix, has more of a luxury townhouse feel. A venue for sophisticated soirées at the 1924 Winter Olympics, it’s lost none of its former grandeur: there are high ceilings and stucco on the walls, as well as huge rooms by chalet standards. The living room has a stone fireplace and comfy couches, and there are four en suite doubles with claw-feet baths. Children will love the attic that sleeps four, and the playroom, while adults can enjoy the sauna. Outside there are pretty gardens and a pool.

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Romantic Ski Chalets for Two, The Guardian

Why risk sharing a chalet with rowdy strangers, or even rowdier friends? Here's our pick of five romantic retreats in the Alps

Gemma Bowes,

Mazot les Tines, Chamonix, France

This cute cabin is total fairytale fantasy, all made of wood with little shutters, a small upstairs bedroom with balcony, reached by a ladder; a neat little wooden kitchen and dining room; plus a cosy lounge with a large bay window. It's between Chamonix and Argentière, with stunning views of the Mont Blanc range. If you have kids, you could squeeze them in on the mattresses on the mezzanine.
•, from €785 in April

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Skiing in Chamonix, France: The Perfect Break, The Telegraph

The slopes at Chamonix are never more invitingly empty than just after New Year, says Adam Ruck.
Why go?

Self-styled without false modesty or undue vainglory as the world capital of mountaineering and skiing, Chamonix Mont Blanc is worth the journey at any time of year. However, just after New Year you'll find cheap flights and empty slopes. This is the prime time for skiing, without the high-season hassles of a large resort, only an hour from Geneva, with masses of accommodation and small ski-lifts that serve big skiing.

Another advantage at this time is that the valley floor is low – 1,000m at Chamonix, 1,250m at Argentière. Having long runs below the treeline is a bonus if a blizzard kicks in. The best tree skiing is on friendly woodland pistes above Les Houches, or off-piste in the forest at Argentière. And if the sun shines on plentiful snow, January skiers can fill their boots, tackling heroic descents of more than 6,000ft from top to bottom.

January is also best for sampling other winter sports: dog-sledding at Le Tour, skijoring (horse-drawn skiing) at Les Houches, cross-country skiing and snowshoe rambles.

Spend the first day…

Skiing. The weather and your competence will dictate which of the five areas to choose and which lift pass to buy: Brévent/Flégère for sunny pistes and scenery; Les Houches for woodland pistes in a white-out; Argentière for a serious workout. To sample Chamonix's famous off-piste, reserve a mountain guide (about £270 a day) and follow his/her lead; Jean-Marie Olianti, contactable through chalet operator Collineige (01483 579242), will not disappoint.

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Ma cabane 5 étoiles. Comme chez soi. Le Point.

Aussi confortables que des hotels, la tranquillité en plus, les chalets avec services se multiplient.
Les Tissourds, vue Mont Blanc.
Colleen ne pensait pas restait trente ans lorsqu'elle venue passer l'hiver à Chamonix. Attachée à la vallée et à son guide de mari, la Sud-Africaine des contreforts du Lesotho a retrouvé des montagnes où ses amis lui demandaient d'organiser des séjours. Elle s'est donc lancée dans l'achat et la location de chalets avec services. "Au debut, nous louions juste aux Anglais, sans aucun confort. Ensuite, ils ont demandé du standing. Aujour'hui, la clientèle est internationale, avec pas mal de Français", confie-t-elle.

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Six resorts in six days - finale in Chamonix - Sunday Telegraph

Six days, six resorts. Or rather, 16 resorts, because as well as Zermatt, St-Luc, Verbier, Champéry, Samoëns and Chamonix there would be side trips to Zinal, Chandolin, Siviez, Avoriaz, Morzine, Chatel, Les Carroz, Flaine, Sixt Fer à Cheval and Argentière.

The challenge: to pack a week's skiing into each day before driving to the next resort. I would be sleeping in a different bed every night, skiing with a different guide every day, and revelling in the chance to visit some old favourites and discover a few new ones.

Day 6

Chamonix and Argentiere

By the time we reached Chamonix, we were exhausted. We were staying at the Hôtel Eden in Les Praz and our expectations were not high for the two-star establishment. But we were in for a surprise. A large, comfortable, two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment with Wi-Fi and a top restaurant where we had the €29 (£25) menu – scallops, lamb, chocolate mousse – perfectly presented, not fussy, just delicious. The following night we moved to Val d'Arve, luxury self-catering apartments managed by Collineige, the Chamonix specialist, also excellent.

For our final day's skiing, we were met by Camille, who was to guide us around the slopes of Chamonix and Argentière. We completed a rapid circuit of Brévent and Flegère, then made our way to Argentière. The on-piste skiing is excellent in the Chamonix valley, but it's not the reason anybody skis here. It's for the non-pisted slopes, the powder, the gullies, the couloirs and the back country. It's all about finding fresh snow and sniffing out new routes.

There was just one drive left, back to Geneva airport just over an hour away.

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easyJet Inflight Magazine Awards - Chamonix voted Best Ski Resort

And The Winners Are...
This summer we launched our first-ever easyJet Traveller Readers' Awards, asking you, our passengers, to vote for your favourite products, places and services across the network. We had an overwhelming response so we're planning more award for next year and are excited to announce the winners in all 10 categories for 2009.


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Learning to ski off-piste in Chamonix, The Guardian

Chamonix is one of the world's best off-piste resorts, a great place for intermediates to take a course in skiing powder, says Gwyn Topham.
....It's a good course to do if you're alone, mixing daytime sociability with relaxed evenings: back in the resort, I want to do little other than eat and crash at the chalet, run by Collineige, whose chefs are plucked from some of Australia and London's top restaurants – even a banana cake at afternoon tea comes with a personalised flourish of, I was told, "an Earl Grey-infused crème anglaise". By Wednesday, when I reluctantly leave chef James's cooking for one of Collineige's central self-catered apartments, après ski has become nothing more than a quest for food, a hot bath, and an 11-hour sleep.

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Mountain Man Easyjet inflight magazine

Which nationalities have the best equipment? What’s the most adventurous thing to do with a family? How tough is the training? Jean-Marie Olianti, an experienced Chamonix mountain guide for over 30 years, explains the attraction of Europe’s finest outdoor playground


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40 late travel deals for ski holidays - Times online

40 late travel deals for ski holidays
You are so lucky - the best snow for 30 years and there are still tons of bargain breaks out there
THE best snow for three decades, and still it's falling - Austria and Switzerland have seen another two metres in the past week, reports Ski Info.

But the credit crunch has seen some regulars stay away this season and it's become a late buyers' market, particularly for chalet holidays in France (and we've more ideas for ski weekend breaks in The Times today).

We've put together 40 current deals, from more than 30 tour operators, and only made available in the past 24 hours - all discounted, and most with more than one-third off. And all with deep links straight to the deal or property.
When: Mar 22-29
What: Villa Terrier, sleeps eight, fully catered chaletm return airport transfers (Geneva/Chamonix), breakfast, tea and four-course dinner with wine on five of the seven nights, linen & towels, minibus shuttle service for drop off to the slopes in the morning and a collection at the end of the day, representative service.
How much: £3,775 for the chalet (was £7,550)
Who with: Collineige

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Down Healey Skiing, The Sun

FORMER England star Austin Healey’s rugby career is going downhill fast – but he would not have it any other way.
Austin, now 34 and playing for humble Hertfordshire side Bishop’s Stortford, tackled an opponent tougher than All Blacks giant Jonah Lomu as he took on the Collineige Ski Challenge in Chamonix.

The plucky ski novice was given a crash course — with the emphasis on crash — to help him ski the feared Vallee Blanche off-piste run at the foot of France’s Mont Blanc.

And he showed enough fancy footwork in the snow to suggest he will waltz it when he stars in Strictly Come Dancing.

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For your eyes only, fashion shoot at Valhalla with Easyjet

Take the edge off the cold with chic skiwear for the slopes and cosy knits for night-time seduction.

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Spring snow in Chamonix - Gonomad

My stay at the Chalet Valhalla was one of the best travel lodging options in quite a while. The comfort level and amenities outstanding and service impeccable. The selection of properties that are handled by the company is extensive and covers a gamut of prices and type of stay. It was truly a pleasure.

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Chamonix extreme sports: Will Greenwood searches for a post-rugby adrenalin buzz, The Daily Telegraph

It was a glorious summer’s day in the Alps, and I was standing on the edge of a 6,000 ft drop with a small Frenchwoman strapped to my back.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t have minded, but she was very clear about what I needed to do and unless I did exactly as she said there was a good chance we would end up hurtling towards the distant valley floor.

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Europe's rail renaissance on track, The Guardian

The rail renaissance in Europe is racing ahead like a 320kph TGV yet Guillaume Pepy, head of SNCF, sees risks as well as opportunities as he celebrates the centenary of the reborn Mont Blanc Express aboard one of its six new electric traction trains.

Last weekend saw the start of the French summer holiday season and 1.3 million people thronged Paris's stations as they headed for the mountains and sea. The elongated twin-set TGVs pulling out of the Gare de Lyon virtually every five minutes are packed with up to 1,000 passengers. The concourse and platforms are so crammed with anxious families and international backpackers it's surprising they all get on board on time.

Even in the driving rain sweeping through the French Alps, accompanied by thunder and lightning, drenched walkers and climbers rush to join the "express" linking St Gervais with Vallorcine on the Franco-Swiss border and offering stunning views of the Mer de Glace.

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England rugby stars tackle the slopes, The Times

If you're a fan of all things rugby (the Six Nations tournament kicks off today) and skiing, combine your two passions by hitting Chamonix's slopes tomorrow. Collineige (01276 24262, is hosting former England greats Austin Healey, Will Greenwood and Mike Catt, right, there next week. You can ski the Vallée Blanche with them, and there's a question-and-answer session with the gents on Tuesday. Transfers from Geneva and half-board accommodation from £645pp for a week, excluding flights.

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Be Our Guest - Chalets in Chamonix - Gonomad

And then there was one…. I am alone in Chamonix and still at the fabulous Chalet Valhalla. It is one of those places that I wish I could click my heels and make Lil suddenly be here! In fact I wish the world could check in for a bit and see the sun sinking over Mt. Blanc and the other snow capped peaks. It is best done from the hot tub on the Valhalla’s deck. Many thanks go to Collineige and in particular Colleen Olianti, they offer such great alternatives to hotel stays. This place sleeps so many and is perfect for a Chamonix base as many do, even from Aspen.

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YouTube England rugby stars skiing

See some YouTube footage of Chalet St Hubert and the England rugby stars skiing.

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My white-knuckle Mont Blanc ride, Daily Mail

As a member of the England rugby squad I've done some pretty scary things. One training camp experience that springs to mind was sitting in the body of a helicopter as it was submerged upside down in a swimming pool — the idea being to teach us to keep our cool.

So when I was invited to ski the world-renowned Vallee Blanche — a 20 km run down from 3,880m up Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe — I didn't hesitate. This, despite the fact I had only done five days skiing before in my life (the words rugby, insurance and skiing don't work in the same sentence).

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